Colleagues Recommend APT

I have been very impressed with Kelly both as his patient and a colleague. Having graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, I've worked with some of the best physical therapists in the country and I rank Kelly with the best.

- Jenna Z., MSPT, Oklahoma

Patients Recommend APT

They listen very well.

- Dorothy C., Hartville, MO

Fantastic! Staff is very knowledgeable!

- Jared P., Springfield, MO

I’ve had a complete change in how my knee is functioning. Also had fun being here!

- Lacy B., Springfield, MO

This has been great. Everyone has been very helpful. I have improved way more than I thought I would with PT. Thanks.

- Lajuana, Lamar, MO

I have had low back pain since age 40. I thought it might be arthritis and tried chiropractic treatment for years without success. However an x-ray subsequently revealed that I had moderate scoliosis; sciatic nerve issue became aggravated.

A neighbor highly recommended physical therapy with Dr. Kelly Coleman. After two sessions, my pain decreased significantly and month later the degree of original pain has not reoccurred. These results are no doubt due to the treatments I receive in his office and the exercises he has prescribed for home.

Today, my posture is improved, and most days I am pain free. His treatments are reducing the curvature of my spine. I wish I had known about Aptitude Physical Therapy years ago. I join with others who have greatly benefitted from the services of Dr. Kelly Coleman.

- Judith H., Springfield, MO

Kelly is amazing when it comes to the structural problems with backs. I had back surgery at 17, and I am now 39. Over my life time I have been under the care of many physical therapists and chiropractors. When Kelly started working with me, it was like I had moved up from working with the little league to working with the Major league in terms of caring for my back problems.

- Tim B., Branson, MO

When I first started seeing Dr. Coleman I was having severe back pain, scoliosis, and issues with my back. Some days I couldn't even put on my own socks, shoes, or pants, and I'm only 24! I felt imprisoned in my own body. I was even contemplating surgery. Now I'm feeling like a million bucks! I'm thankful God used Dr. Coleman to help me get my life back.

- Kelsea M., Springfield,MO
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